Titanium Tube: Sustainable Form for Multiple Applications

Titanium (symbol: Ti) is a one of the most demanding metal in contemporary time. It is rather a metal which has replaced many other metals in industrial and many more applications. This metal was discovered in 1791, but its major application aerospace industry was observed in 1950s. The use of titanium ever grew due to its exceptional properties. The significant properties of this metal are low density, high strength and anti-corrosive ability. These three properties collectively make this metal an efficient and high-performing metal for multiple applications in many industries. Today, there may be very few industries that may not be using this metal in some or other form. The titanium alloy market has also flourished due to high performance of titanium metal.

Efficiency of titanium in tubing

Titanium can be used in many different forms due to its malleability and ductability. Titanium tube or Ti tube is used in many industries and processes. Titanium tubes are manufactured in various dimensions ranging from small to big.

Ti tube

Both welded and seamless tubing of international standards are manufactured by many reputed titanium products manufacturing industries. Titanium pipes have vast use in many industries, especially dealing with chemical processing. The chemical processing equipments made from other corrosive metals lose their life due to continuous exposure to corrosive chemicals such as salts, acids, and other chemicals, but titanium’s anti-corrosive property prevents corrosion and increase the life of an equipment.

Titanium tubing for high performance

Titanium can render high-performance which other competing materials like stainless steels or super alloys can’t offer. The chemical processing industry usually make use of Grade 1 and Grade 2 Ti tube, but Grade 2 is most used due to its appropriateness and cost-effectiveness. The initial cost of titanium tube is quite high compared to other metals, but Ti tube has greater efficiency and higher life which supersedes the cost factor. The titanium tube can be used for longer period.