The Positive IFCJ Ratings Help The Organization To Attract New Donors Every Year

The sufferings and the torture on the Jewish people are known to all of us. One can pick any book on world war, and he will come across harrowing tales of the Jew’s sufferings. There were several groups of people from this community fled from the European countries and settled in other parts of the world to save themselves and their family from the wrath of the Nazis.

IFCJ ratingsNow, due to this rehabilitation, they lost everything and found it hard to carry on with their lives. The Jews settled in the Former Soviet Union, and some parts of Africa found it hard to meet the basic requirements for living. To help people who suffered such fate, IFCJ under the leadership of Rabbi Epstein started a fellowship program which would help the people from his community by providing them with food, shelter, medicine, and other basic amenities.

 The purpose of IFCJ:

IFCJ ratingsAs IFCJ is a charitable organization, the need for auditing the books was made mandatory due to increase number of forgery cases in different philanthropic trusts. The audits are done by an able group of people who are not related or do not draw any benefit from the organization and finally provides a rating. The IFCJ ratings provided by different audit firm have been steady and mostly lie on the higher side of the scale.

 Why is the rating important for a charitable organization?

The leading charity auditing firms like Charity Navigator and BBB provided good IFCJ ratings to the program as they felt it is one of the well-run programs across the globe. The hierarchy system in place is one of the best among all other organizations, and they maintain a transparent record when it comes to monetary transactions. The IFCJ ratings massively benefited the program in recent days when a report of money laundering broke out in the news involving the name of Rabbi Epstein.