The mastermind of Book of the Month Club, Blake Orlandi

The iconic Book of the Month Club has been delivering books to book lovers every month since 1926. Reimagined for today’s readers, the subscription-based e-commerce site has joined the ranks of some of the hottest monthly delivery services, like the Dollar Shave Club and Blue Apron, attracting media attention and surprisingly the loyalty and enthusiasm of Millennial readers – who most would have thought to be more likely to consume their reading via download than delivery.

Heading the organization is John Lippman the Chief Executive Officer, Blake Orlandi the Chief Operating Officer, and Delaney Manders, the Chief Technical Officer.

Book of the Month Club has been around since before the Great Depression and seen its ups and downs through the decades. By the year 1946, the Book of the Month Cub had grown to over 550,000 members nationwide.

In the 1990s and 2000s the Book of the Month Club’s user base had fallen dramatically and the company had come upon hard times, competing against changing consumer tastes and an outmoded business model that relied upon expensive print-based marketing to an audience that was spending more and more time online, but all that started to change when John Lippman and Blake Orlandi took on leadership roles at the company. With a degree from the University of Pittsburgh and an MBA degree from Harvard Business School, Orlandi had amassed some of the tools he would need to lead the turnaround at Book of the Month Club. Blake Orlandi’s early professional experience at Deloitte and Evergreen Copyrights were also instructive.

COO of Book of the Month Club

Since joining Book of the Month Club in 2015, Blake Orlandi and John Lippman have brought new life to the business and reinvigorated the company with new marketing and sales efforts which have helped Book of the Month Club once again become one of the most popular subscription services around. Book of the Month concentrates on curating five amazing books you may not have heard of, but deserve to be discovered.  This helps small writers get a bigger audience, and a once in a lifetime chance for aspiring writers get a spotlight. The Book of the Month Club has launched the successful career of many talented authors.

In late 2016, the club announced its first annual Book of the Year Award, where subscribers pick their favorite books and decide which book is their favorite. The award is called the “Lolly”, in tribute to Lolly Willowes, the first book selected by the club back in 1926. In 2017, the award added a $10,000 prize, and the winner was “The Hearts Invisible Furies” by Irish author John Boyne.

In 2018, the members voted “Circe” by Madeline Miller as the best Book of the Year. With the recent boom of subscriber-based businesses, Book of the Month Club is uniquely positioned in this hot market and is a great example of how a faded, older brand can be reinvigorated with the right leadership.