Roberto Casula, The One Person With Extreme Foresight

The support system of the company, ENI is Roberto Casula. He is the backbone of the company. He joined the company few years back and now heads the company.  The success that Roberto Casulahe has achieved in all these years is splendid and has helped the company a lot. He has seen to the fact that the company keeps growing and there is no look back. The purpose of the company to extend in areas where they had not worked was the motto. Casula guided the company and started its operation in such areas also.

The entrepreneurial side that has helped a lot!

Roberto Casula, as a person is an entrepreneur at heart and follows the TED talks. He said that he gains confidence from these kinds of platforms and that is what keeps him going. The best that has ever happened to him is the company. He thinks it to be his fate to be a part of the company. So, he actually builds the people who can actually work for the company. He has always thought of the people working in the company and has always been cooperative and guided through the workings of the company. He keeps the base of all Roberto Casulakinds of relationships strong because these will be staying forever.

What keeps him going!

In all the interviews that Roberto Casula gave, he has mentioned the story of his success from a very base level. He has always focussed on the success of the company and how it can help each person. From motivating people to join the company and leading the path to success, he handles everything. The definite path to success is the dedication that he has shown. And he wishes to be attached to this organisation till he breathes his last, till his last days.