IFCJ reviews the existence and brilliant contributions of its founder Yachiel Eckstein

Introduction and expansion

The renowned charity of international Fellowship of Christian and Jews was born out of the outstanding genius Yachiel Eckstein’s plans to uphold co operation and understanding between the Christians and the Jews. The mission on the part of charity is to assemble extensive support for Israel and other concerns (shared concerns) from different corners of the world.

 IFCJ reviewsAfter Eckstein’s demise his daughter Yael Eckstein took up the task of fulfilling her father’s vision. His vision was to create a good understanding between the Christians and Jews based on respect, cooperation and dialogue thus reversing the 2,000 years’ record of discord. IFCJ reviews that are stunning, are the common reasons that unites the above two communities.

In this introductory article, IFCJ reviews the life and contributions of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein who is hailed as the creator cum leader (i.e. the president, until his sudden death) of IFCJ. Rabbi Eckstein founded the renowned concern of international Fellowship of Christian and Jews in the year 1983. He devoted most of the span of his life in building ‘Bridges of Understanding and Co operation’ amidst the Christian and the Jew community.

Offering assistance to the Jewish citizens

IFCJ reviewsThe year mentioned above deserves special means as since that year IFCJ was blessed with the power of raising above 1.6 billion dollars. The amount was meant for conducting programs thereby offering helping hand to the Jews who dwell in Israel.  Not only IFCJ help the Jewish people of Israel but also those who reside in countries like Latin America, Former Soviet Union, Ethiopia and a number of  famous countries all over the world.

The main reason behind the success of IFCJ is the rating or ranking relating to the IFCJ reviews. Of course the score rose due to the outstanding ability of Eckstein. He said that they (he and the other members) built a progressive movement of the Christians and the Jews all around the globe.

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IFCJ Founder, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein Expires at 67

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein does not need any introduction as he has made tremendous efforts throughout his life to creating understanding between Jews and Christians. Due to his untiring efforts, the International Fellowship of Jews and Christians (IFCJ) came into being.IFCJ

He left for his heavenly abode on 06-February-2019 at the age of 67-years but has left a vacuum in his absence that may be very tough for anyone to fill easily. He was a social charity worker and an interfaith partnership builder between the two faiths.

The IFCJ was founded by the Rabbi in 1983 as an organization that strived to develop confidence between the two communities. Efforts were also made to show the Christians the ways to re-establish their faith to the biblical connection in Israel and towards the Jewish people. Some other contributions of the Rabbi are also mentioned here.

  • His philanthropy initiatives have been praised a lot – The Rabbi was very well-known in philanthropic circles due to his exemplary work. Since the 1980s, he took up a lot of issues related to Jews and Christians and put in the needed efforts for them so that ground could be prepared for humanitarian help.IFCJ
  • The philanthropic works done by him are proof of his honest initiatives in that direction and stand as solid evidence of his hard work. In fact, he had formed a deep bond with people living in many countries who also joined in his honest endeavor.
  • He has for long supported Jews in search of financial help – The Rabbi, along with his charity organization IFCJ, was responsible for helping a lot of needy Jews around the world. The organization is known to help a lot of Jews with financial help when they were in distress. Due to this reason, many Jews got associated with it and even helped it in its efforts. In crucial times, the organization has come as help for many Jews in and out of the country.

The Rabbi’s demise is a big loss for the community and people will surely take some time to get over it.


Check ratings before donating to IFCJ

Alike to other businesses, even the non-profit sector is growing at a brisk pace day by day. There are many charitable trusts mushrooming in the world and it has become highly challenging for the people who want to donate their income for the welfare of the society or to the trust that is working to promote better understanding between Christians and Jews. There are many volunteers who are promoting about the charitable trust to help them get the funds and then help the needy. IFCJ ratingsHowever, the donors should be very conscious while donating funds to a charitable trust or organization, since many are collecting the money from donors and are absconding.

If you want to donate money to IFCJ, you need to check the IFCJ ratings that are given in the rating sites like Charity Navigator. This site would give reviews about this organization clearly and let the donors make an informed decision after going through the ratings. IFCJ ratingsThis provides accurate information. The ratings would have a great impact on the financial viability of the organization. If the ratings for the charitable organization are high, then it is mostly trusted by the donors. The IFCJ ratings sites would rate the financial health of the charitable trusts that are established globally based on different performance parameters. In addition to offering the financial health of the charitable trust, it also offers valuable information like transparency and accountability of the charities. The charities that have good IFCJ ratings would motivate more donors to donate to their trust. This in turn helps the charitable trust to run their charity works continuously. IFCJ has very a very good rating that is grabbing the attention of many donors to donate funds to build a strong relationship between Jews and Christians. The funds are also used to help the victims of wars and terrorism in Israel.

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The atrocities of World Wars

The commencement of World War 2 did not bring any sort of happiness to the entire world population, for it brought severe disaster, humiliation and tragedy to the cause of human existence. Even those groups which were never involved into any sort of war act, were killed, captured and murdered out of hate. The World War 1 laid the platform of what was to come during its second counterpart, and therefore, cruelty was witnessed during the latter part. IFCJ ratings Coming to the fact that European continent used to be a home for Jewish communities at large, a great danger loomed before them. As a territorial ambition, their lands were seized up, and out of no valid and rational reason, their existence was questioned and tried to be swept off. Since then, there are several instances, not so major at all, that have resulted into letting Jewish people down out of their mere birth into the community.

IFCJ understands the current position of the Jews in the world, and aims to help and provide whatever they can. IFCJ ratingsThe IFCJ reviews are highly satisfactory and as far as IFCJ ratings are concerned, these are incredible as well, for the soft hearted humans have tried to give up their lives doing something for the cause of good. The IFCJ rating charts show the trends during the years in which they have helped their fellow community to rise and rise above all. The questions faced by Jews while making decisions regarding is IFCJ a good charity, have been unconditionally answered, just out of the instances in which they have brought up their fellows. Therefore, the atrocities of the war have been too harsh on Jews, but as it turns out to be, there is some silver lining that needs to be trusted at first, when there is gloomy dark all around.

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Equality Can Be Achieved For Living

While every country talks of equality and development at the global level, there are certain flaws that exist in the economy resulting in the inequal growth and wealth distribution. In addition to which, few communities are suffering at the worst level of tortures. IFCJ has brought a lot of remedies and plans to take good care of the people, who have been suffering for a long time in various parts. Such as poor senior citizens, who are not even left with the basic necessities of life to fulfill their needs.

IFCJ ratings have given a ray of hope to maximum number of people, who are in immediate need of help monetarily. Since it cannot be denied that, people are still sleeping hungry and without clothing on their body parts. IFCJ rating has also attracted the eyes of different powerful groups and political parties, all across the world. In order to make sure, that the financially distressed people can get the aid required for their survival. It is being clearly evident that the movement is getting more popular, with the efforts of the people who have been gathering the donations from various sources.

Is IFCJ a good charity can easily be understood by the fact, that innumerable orphans – poor seniors – war survivors – terror effected people –  trauma based groups and other needy people who are in great need of the help. In terms of finance, mental assistance, psychological help, social and cultural support for the benefit of the people. You cannot ignore the IFCJ reviews that are spreading with the air, due to the highly dedicated efforts of the people leading the movement for the benefit of the needy groups. Also the eyes are set upon the responsible leaders, from all the corners of the world.

Contributions of Rabbi Eckstein towards the People of Israel

Rabbi Eckstein was the president of the non-profit organisation International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), who established a friendly nature between Christians and Jews. According to his website that has raised more than $1.5 billion as per his website for serving the Jews all over the world. Eckstein has a prominent figure in Israel, and funding aids for new immigrants, children’s, orphans, elderly and the victims of wars, Holocaust survivors.

IFCJHis organisation also assisted Jews from post-soviet states and Ethiopia. IFCJ ratings as provided by charity navigator for financial data are 2/4.  In IFCJ reviews people recognised this fellowship as a great cause in assisting Jewish communities and social aid in Israel. IFCJ rating is 81.45 out of 100.

Books written by Rabbi Eckstein

https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/91gLYVKIgLL.jpgIFCJThe fellowship of Eckstein represents 500,000 people having close ties with 6,600 American churches. He penned quite a few numbers of books which includes, Passover – An Inspirational Guide, an inspirational look at the Psalms, Holy Days of Israel and his own biography The Bridge Builder: The Life and Continuing Legacy of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein was released. All of these were dedicated to creating a bond and understanding between Christians and Jews.

Various programs under IFCJ 

In 1983, the organisation was founded by Eckstein, since then he was spontaneous in making friendship with Christian communities and creating support for the people of Israel. He has always worked selflessly for the citizens of Israel and making a strong between the evangelical communities and jews, Is IFCJ a good charity or not we get to know from his selfless works. The fellowship receives best ratings from the Charity Navigator watchdog.

Some other programs of this fellowship include helping jews all over the world to return into his own homeland, to get escape discrimination and poverty, helping victims of war and terror, providing food to children, orphans providing cloths to children and helping Israeli soldiers as well.

Some General Facts Concerning the IFCJ

IFCJ is a well-known non-profit organisation of Israel that stands for the international fellowship of Christians and Jews. IFCJ has been developed to assist the individuals of Israel who are below the poverty level. Now, most of the individuals understand what the role of IFCJ is however they do not recognise their work. Don’t worries if you have got identical question you may get the solution? Therefore, follow this text until the end.

What is the operating procedure IFCJ?

IFCJ reviews have a big role within the lives of Israeli those who are tormented by the war. This non-profit organisation is functioning laborious to assist them find shelter and stand by themselves. They supply correct fooding and consumer goods to those individuals.


How does IFCJ they raise funds?

They have been thriving in raising funds. They have reached plenty of individuals over the planet by publicity and represented the case that has facilitated them to accumulate a lot of funds and help the people. IFCJ has taken the assistance of TV, radio, and net to reach individuals.

Some facts about IFCJ

According to reports of 2016, IFCJ rating has managed to serve over two million individuals with hot meals who were tormented by the war. Over one Million individuals were motor-assisted and got medication, food, and consumer goods.  The organization states they need helped with consumer goods to over 1.5 lakhs of affected individuals and have received over ten thousand calls in their helpline number.

The fellowship conjointly states that they have helped the Israeli individuals with job coaching and requirements that have helped them to regain the pace of life.

IFCJ ratings are in operation quite long until currently and have provided study support to the Israeli individuals.

Hope this text was enough to allow you to fathom I Is IFCJ a good charity.

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Works of rabbi Eckstein at IFCJ

Safety and security

            Yechiel Eckstein is the founder of the well known charitable organization in Israel. The organization was established in 1983 with the intention of helping the immigrants in Israel. It had the intention of making the Christians and Jews work together for the welfare of society and for the safety and security of the Jews. It also had the intention to motivate the immigrants in Israel by offering them food and medicines. It helped the military and poor soldiers and also the elderly by offering them medicines at right time. The sad part is that rabbi Eckstein passed away on Feb 6 2019.

Other activities

rabbi Eckstein

            Along with assisting with the Jewish immigration in Israel, the organization is also well know for arranging activities and trips for the immigrants in Israel. They offer the job market guidance and also help those who are in need. The IFCJ helped the lone soldiers, Defence personnel and number of new immigrants who had no family in Israel or who were not in contact of their families. He was due for being honoured at the US Congressional event marking his work for building bridges between the Jews and Christians.

            Tributes came for Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein from both Israel as well as other countries. The IFCJ reviews had always been positive and it was appreciate for gathering a good amount of donation. IFCJ said that number of people owe gratitude to him. His legacy was construction of bridges between the evangelical and Christian communities in United States and also other parts of the world for the cooperation with Israel. Good wok speaks for you and that is perfectly true in case of Rabbi Eckstein. The way he handled the organization has been remarkable and inspiration for millions of people.

Rabbi Eckstein Died At the Age of 67; Israel Grieves Over the Loss

It was quite unexpected that he would leave the world now as only a few days before he was seen in a fund-raising event. However, the fact is that Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein is no more. At the age of 67, he passes away peacefully at his own home on 6th February, Wednesday. The news of his demise has been declared by his organization, the famous the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, on 7th February, Thursday. However, the cause of death has not been declared.

Eckstein and Israel

Yechiel Eckstein became an Israeli citizen in 2002. However, his relationship with the Asian Jews, particularly the Israelis, began as early as in 1983, the year he founded the IFCJ. He tried to help the needy and vulnerable populace of the country, especially the poor and the elderly survivors of the Holocaust, by raising funds from the members of the evangelical community.

rabbi yechiel Eckstein

During the 1990s, when a large number of Jews had to leave the former Soviet Union and come to Israel, Rabbi Eckstein tried his best to collect money for the help of the immigrants and for offering them a better experience of relocation.

His efforts were so great that, as said by one of the IFCJ reviews, the organization has now attained the stature of being one of the largest nonprofit institutions of the country, with a collection of about $140 million per year.

His death has been deeply mourned by people from all sectors of Israeli society. The Prime Minister, in his commemorating speech, remembered the great contribution of the Rabbi in the overall uplift of the Israeli people and his never-ending attempt to strengthen the bond between the Christians and the Jews. Although criticisms and harsh comments against him were not few, Eckstein will be venerated in Israel forever.

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If you visit some restaurant today, you can see many people prefer salads rather than ordering meat dishes. In many local eating outlets also, a variety of salads has become popular as ordering dishes. The buffet restaurants also spread more salads on their table in view of their customers’ choice. It would be wrong to say that veggie recipes have fewer varieties. Apart from salads, veggie grill, veggie kababs, Indian and Chinese veg dishes, and more are most loved on the tables of international restaurants. Their menus include healthier and tastier vegetarian dishes compared to meat dishes. Vegetarian is the primary choice of people in the restaurants and the owners of restaurant business make more money by maintaining vegetarian menu and serving vegetarian dishes to their customers.

Vegan – the ultimate choice

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