Neither Urine Drug Test nor Urine Detox Is Absolutely Authentic for Drug Abuse

Marijuana addicts are more worried about urine drug screen or drug test. This is a simple test for detection of presence of certain illegal drugs and prescription medications in urine. When you consume any of these drugs, their traces appear in the urine which confirms their consumption. When it relates to some prescription drug, there is no harm, but addiction drugs are annoying as the consumer has to face their consequences. Alcohol is also included in this category. The drug test is performed in several scenarios, but most common cases are DUI suspicion and workplace drug abuse. There are number of drugs that are considered under drug abuse, but marijuana is the most common.

Effectiveness of urine drug test

Urine drug test is of two types; one for quick results which is also cost-effective but sometimes produce false positive and doesn’t cover all opioids. The second method that uses gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) takes longer for results and is expensive but this is more effective. The chance of false positive is there in this method also but possibility is low. Thus, absolute effectiveness can’t be achieved with any method. Urine sample is required in both methods.


Limitation in urine drug test

Though false positive is the limitation in urine drug test which means that a positive result is possible in the absence of drug use, still it is more prevalent, but it can be challenged. The fear of positive result remains because false positive result is a wrong conviction. Everyone wants to escape from drug test, but it is unavoidable in some situations. The best way is to detox your urine if you have fear of conviction.

Urine detox methods to pass drug test mentions about some urine detox methods that can be tried to pass the drug test. There is no absolute authenticity of these methods, but some methods are known to produce good results, if instructions are followed meticulously to use these methods.