Management of Osteoporosis & Natural Ways to Prevent Its Risk

Osteoporosis (osteoporose in Danish) is a bone loss in humans and dogs. It is not a deadly disease, but it affects life badly due to severe pain and inefficiency to perform routine activities. Besides, risk of bone fractures is also increased. Although there is no permanent cure for this disease, but you can manage it. You can’t leave it untreated. Osteoporosis can be managed or treated in natural ways and by visiting to your doctor. Diet, supplement, exercise and medication support management of osteoporosis. Many scientific studies have been conducted on prevention and effective management of this disease. The World Health Organization has made great efforts in this field because osteoporosis has affected over 75 million people in United States, Europe and Japan.

Osteoporosis risk in women

The main problem in treatment and management of osteoporosis is that  tratar osteoporose or symptoms are not visible at the initial stage and their appearance start when osteoporosis is in transitional stage. The occurrence of osteoporosis in women is three times more than men, the reason of which could be attributed to pregnancy and breastfeeding. The bone strength is reduced during these stages and failure to fulfil additional calcium requirement can cause osteoporosis at a later age, usually after middle-age. The risk in women is increased due to hormonal changes after menopause.

Natural ways to manage or prevent osteoporosis

Though permanent osteoporosetratamento is not available, yet a person having osteoporosis can be treated in a suitable way. It is always better to take preventive measures which can be done in natural ways. True food diet, a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D is the best way to deal with osteoporosis. Addition of supplement with diet is a good reason to prevent osteoporosis. Reduced stress can also alleviate risk of osteoporosis. Regular exercise in ever best for not only good health but prevention of osteoporosis. These natural methods can be a sure shot for osteoporosis prevention.