John Lippmann – Understands the Desire of Book Lovers

In the book industry one of the oldest and the most popular book selling companies was “Book of the month club”. After launching of other selling companies like amazon, the members started feeling unsafe and the company experienced several owners. At last in 2012 John Lippmann became the owner of this month club with his great idea. The idea of changing the book club into online store was a great idea. That time the current owner Jahm Najafi accepted the thing and John shut down the company for a few years. However, he just moved the staff to some other clubs of Bookspan.

How his idea was perfect?

John Lippmann made it digital and provided offer to the purchasers. Great books are offered from emerging narrative writers through online.

  • A large number of subscribers follow the instruction and read books of their choice. When John started the club in the late 2015, he just offered a minimal charge for the subscribers. Each subscriber pays only 14.99 dollars for five books and for any extra he needs to pay $9.99.
  • The data says that subscribers hit 2 million dollar within a single year. In the year 2019, the expectations are more than $10 million.

  • His knowledge and basic ideas has made this and in current time he is working accurately to make people happy across the world. So, his interest, hard work and a lot of effort make the things possible that a huge amount of books are delivered everyday.

No doubt John Lippman is a genius as he has been running the business of “Book of the month club” successfully in this competitive time. If a person focuses on its record of last thirty years, then it will be clear that how an old club is now the most reliable one for books in the worldwide.