IFCJ reviews the existence and brilliant contributions of its founder Yachiel Eckstein

Introduction and expansion

The renowned charity of international Fellowship of Christian and Jews was born out of the outstanding genius Yachiel Eckstein’s plans to uphold co operation and understanding between the Christians and the Jews. The mission on the part of charity is to assemble extensive support for Israel and other concerns (shared concerns) from different corners of the world.

 IFCJ reviewsAfter Eckstein’s demise his daughter Yael Eckstein took up the task of fulfilling her father’s vision. His vision was to create a good understanding between the Christians and Jews based on respect, cooperation and dialogue thus reversing the 2,000 years’ record of discord. IFCJ reviews that are stunning, are the common reasons that unites the above two communities.

In this introductory article, IFCJ reviews the life and contributions of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein who is hailed as the creator cum leader (i.e. the president, until his sudden death) of IFCJ. Rabbi Eckstein founded the renowned concern of international Fellowship of Christian and Jews in the year 1983. He devoted most of the span of his life in building ‘Bridges of Understanding and Co operation’ amidst the Christian and the Jew community.

Offering assistance to the Jewish citizens

IFCJ reviewsThe year mentioned above deserves special means as since that year IFCJ was blessed with the power of raising above 1.6 billion dollars. The amount was meant for conducting programs thereby offering helping hand to the Jews who dwell in Israel.  Not only IFCJ help the Jewish people of Israel but also those who reside in countries like Latin America, Former Soviet Union, Ethiopia and a number of  famous countries all over the world.

The main reason behind the success of IFCJ is the rating or ranking relating to the IFCJ reviews. Of course the score rose due to the outstanding ability of Eckstein. He said that they (he and the other members) built a progressive movement of the Christians and the Jews all around the globe.