IFCJ Founder, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein Expires at 67

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein does not need any introduction as he has made tremendous efforts throughout his life to creating understanding between Jews and Christians. Due to his untiring efforts, the International Fellowship of Jews and Christians (IFCJ) came into being.IFCJ

He left for his heavenly abode on 06-February-2019 at the age of 67-years but has left a vacuum in his absence that may be very tough for anyone to fill easily. He was a social charity worker and an interfaith partnership builder between the two faiths.

The IFCJ was founded by the Rabbi in 1983 as an organization that strived to develop confidence between the two communities. Efforts were also made to show the Christians the ways to re-establish their faith to the biblical connection in Israel and towards the Jewish people. Some other contributions of the Rabbi are also mentioned here.

  • His philanthropy initiatives have been praised a lot – The Rabbi was very well-known in philanthropic circles due to his exemplary work. Since the 1980s, he took up a lot of issues related to Jews and Christians and put in the needed efforts for them so that ground could be prepared for humanitarian help.IFCJ
  • The philanthropic works done by him are proof of his honest initiatives in that direction and stand as solid evidence of his hard work. In fact, he had formed a deep bond with people living in many countries who also joined in his honest endeavor.
  • He has for long supported Jews in search of financial help – The Rabbi, along with his charity organization IFCJ, was responsible for helping a lot of needy Jews around the world. The organization is known to help a lot of Jews with financial help when they were in distress. Due to this reason, many Jews got associated with it and even helped it in its efforts. In crucial times, the organization has come as help for many Jews in and out of the country.

The Rabbi’s demise is a big loss for the community and people will surely take some time to get over it.