Check out 5 Essential Programs which IFCJ has to Assist Jews

Millions of Jews are still struggling around the world, especially in Soviet Union. Even some have trouble getting basic amenities on a daily basis. This is why International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) was set up. It is also known as the fellowship whose current President is Yael Eckstein. Have a look at the major programs of this charitable organization which are introduced to provide adequate aid to Jews around the world.IFCJ

  1. On Wings of Eagles

This program provides necessary assistance to Jews who are looking to immigrate (aliyah) to Israel. People from Ethiopia, Soviet Union, Europe, and numerous other countries want to aliyah, which this charity helps with. Apart from this, this program helps with resettlement (klitah) also.

  1. Isaiah 58

It deals with providing food packages, medicine, meals on wheels, clothing, heating fuel, and more to over 200,000 needy elderly Jews. Also, this program of IFCJ provides poor street children and Jewish orphans in former Soviet Union complete care that will help them to not just survive but also have a remarkable future in this world.IFCJ

  1. 4Zion

This is a pro-initiative which is geared towards scholars as well as Israel’s younger generation of supporters.

  1. Guardians of Israel

This program offers every basic facility to Israelis who need it. It supports multiple projects that include soup kitchens, clothing, medical needs, and food. Apart from this, it addresses requirement for long term aspects such as family care, jobs, housing, etc.

  1. Stand for Israel

The primary aim of this agenda is to rally churches along with Christian leaders as well as other individuals to promote Israel by supporting and praying for her which would help this country be a peaceful place.

These are the five essential programs which the IFCJ offers to help Jews in every way they can. This charity acquires more than $100 million every year and with new President taking over, is expected to get more for enough assistance to Jews everywhere.