“Book of the Month” has Redefined Reading

There is absolutely no doubt that the subscription commerce firm “Book of the Month” has repackaged and redefined the pleasure of reading. Much of the credit for it goes to its COO Blake Orlandi who has left no stone unturned for the success of the organization. There is also very little doubt that the firm is the pioneer in the business and looking at its roaring success many new startups have also joined the league.

The business model followed by the business along with the offerings made by it are awesome and that has helped its customers to be associated with it. By merely taking a look at its website, one can see the variety and options which can be available for a customer. Hence, we try to understand them closely over here.

  • New customers are always encouraged – The COO, Blake Orlandi is a master planner of the business and knows very well that scaling is needed to sustain it in the long run. Hence, especially for newcomers, there are plans in place that help them to get books completely free so that they feel encouraged. Moves like this can work quite well for newcomers as they can get hooked to the offerings in future.
  • The available options can be quite tempting – Under the able guidance of Blake Orlandi, the operation is done in such a way that every reader gets the new releases with fresh perspectives. Debutant author’s works are also promoted in a big way so that they can also find a space for their work and readers can get something new to read. For readers, it can be absolutely fantastic to know that they can read at their own pace so that they do not have to bother for a month’s subscription cost if they are slow with their reading. Moreover, their credits can also be rolled over without any problem.

The organization under its COO has introduced newer ways to keep its customers together along with offering up to date content so that readers have been attracted to it in large numbers. Hence, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the company has redefined the art of reading.